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About Netgear New Extender

Sometimes, slow internet is the universe’s way of telling you to go play outside. Other times, it’s the universe’s cruel joke to destroy your productivity. Here we provide technical assistance for all Netgear New Extender Setup for New and Used Extender related issues throughout the world to troubleshoot, fix, or just survive a slow internet connection.

We believe delivering world class services driven by perfection and experience. We offer anywhere, anytime for repair, diagnosis, installation etc. Our technicians are highly trained and certified. New Extender Setup provides the best online WiFi Extender assistance with 99.99% customer satisfaction. Our service level agreements provide 99.99% up time and 90% of calls are answered in 10 seconds or less. Call us and get 100% Satisfactory and permanent resolution. You can find better information about us from our website. Or feel free to call us any time on our Toll Free Number: 1-804-800-0015. Our services will work like magic. But this is not magic exactly, but it is the unique strategy we use to solve the issue.


Mywifiext setup can be installed with the two methods, manual setup using mywifiext.net or WPS setup.

Netgear New Extender Setup Instructions Using a Web Browser

  • Plug in the extender to an electrical socket to start Netgear New Extender Setup.
  • Wait for some time and let the New Extender Setup boot properly.
  • After that, double-click on any web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari.
  • Once you are at Google then you have look for Netgear New Extender Setup.
  • Click Netgear New Extender Setup to create a new account for Netgear and fill all the options correctly.
  • Once you correctly fill all the options then go next step and select the WiFi network which you want to extend.
  • In the next step you have to enter the regular WiFi password correctly.
  • Once you enter the password and click on next button then it will take up to 2-3 minutes and you Netgear New Extender Setup is done and ready to use.
  • Connect you other WiFi enabled devices like your smart phones, TV, tablet and laptops to the extended network and work is done..

Netgear New Extender Setup Instructions Using a WPS Button

  • The first step is to confirm that the extender is in “On” mode.
  • Locate a button namely “WPS button” and once it is found, press it for about 5 seconds.
  • The green color in the LED indicator concludes that the connection has been established between an extender and the router.
  • If there is no sign of the LED light then you may consider help from an expert.
  • The same set of Instructables can be employed for dual-band range extenders as well.
  • Lastly, you need to connect the device to the network of the extender and to do that, you have to use the same password as your router.
  • You may check the manual you got for the default credentials of your router.

Features of Netgear New Extender Setup

  • We can do Netgear New Extender Setup in two ways. (a). Use As Extender Mode. (b). Use as Access Point mode.
  • Fully customize settings by login to Netgear New Extender Setup anytime.
  • Share files across your WiFi of Netgear New Extender network.
  • Share a USB printer on the WiFi of Netgear New Extender Setup.
  • Once you complete Netgear New Extender Setup, connect any of your Ethernet enabled devices with Netgear New Extender and you can access internet on that devices via Ethernet cable only. (optional)
  • After Netgear New Extender Setup we can login to Extender settings and customize the settings like channel interference, signal strength and security type.
  • We keep updating Netgear New Extender Setup firmware’s setting by OTA setting which can be set manually also after completing Netgear New Extender setup.